“Whirlwind” Artist’s tape and assorted acrylic on wood works on wall, Luther College Gallery, Decorah, IA. 2018
“Altered Translation” Acrylic on brick wall, approx. 31’ x 13’, sponsored by Corner Projects, Chicago, IL. 2017
"Tone Deaf Blues (For Rahm)" Acrylic, non-functioning electronic keyboards salvaged from a shuttered Chicago Public School, 20" x 14", 2017
“Irritant Flush” Raw onions, suitcase, chairs. Shown in “White Feelings”, a group show curated by Albert Stabler, Figure One Gallery, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL. 2016
"There's Cracks Everywhere, That's How The Light Gets Through" Acrylic on marine board, 12' x 7', 2016. Collection of Andrew and Suzanne Lampert
"The Consolation of Color" 2016
"Splat" Colored artist’s tape on primed canvas mounted on wood, 40" x 40", 2016
“Monument” Acrylic on marine board, 20’ x 6’, commissioned by the Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce, 2013
"The Hermit’s Sceptre" 2012
"Sweet Leaf" 2012
"Firecat Projects" 2012
"Portal" 2011
“Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center”, Entranceway to the Miller Family Youth Exhibition, mixed media, approx. 25’ x 12’, Skokie, IL. 2011
"MDW Fair" 2011
“Entoptic Phenomena” House paint, masking tape, mirrors and adhesive mylar on wood,
36' x 8' x 6', 2010. The Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago IL.
Partially funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council
"Entoptic Phenomena" 2010
"The Northern Island" 2010
"I Against I" 2009
"It All Starts Here" 2009
"Test" 2009
"Triops Season" 2008