James Jankowiak 4916 South Leamington Chicago, IL. 60638 USA


Columbia College Chicago 1987-88
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1988-89

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Johalla Projects “James Jankowiak” Chicago, IL.
2010 The Architrouve “Leap of Faith” Chicago, Il.
2010 Co-Prosperity Sphere “Entoptic Phenomena” Chicago, IL.
2010 De Zwarte Ruyter “James Jankowiak” Rotterdam, NL.
2010 Beverly Art Center “Homegrown, 2004-2010” Chicago, IL.
2009 Antena “James Jankowiak” Chicago, IL.
2008 Chicago Urban Art Society “Southside Spiritual” 32nd Urban Space, Chicago, IL.
2007 Blackbird “Salon Series: James Jankowiak and Chef Paul Kahan” Chicago, Il.
2007 Mustache Gallery “Dirty Little Whirlwind” Chicago, IL.

Selected Group Exhibitions/Fairs

2011 Sidecar “Water” Hammond, IN.
2011 Firecat Projects, Chicago, IL. “Art Brooklyn” NY,NY.
2011 Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL. “Next” Chicago, IL.
2010 What It Is, Oak Park, IL. “Verge” Miami, FL.
2010 Antena, Chicago, IL. “Next” Chicago, IL.
2009 Version Festival NFO XPO “I Against I” Chicago, IL.
2008 Museum of Contemporary Art “Living and Working-The MCA Teaching Artist” Chicago, IL. 2006 Lloyd Dobler “Wondergems” Chicago, IL.
2006 Highland Park Art Center “Remembering Childhood” Highland Park, IL.
2005 Museum of Contemporary Art “Artists and their Kids” Chicago, IL.
2005 Scion Space, Culver City “Installation” Catalogue available on request Los Angeles, CA. 2004 1920 Gallery, SAIC Roger Brown House “Throwing a Spin in the Works” Chicago, IL.
1999 The Butcher Shop “Ten by Ten Benefit Exhibition” Chicago, IL.
1993 Mary Leigh Block Museum “From the Border” Johannes Birringer, curator. Evanston, IL.

Selected Awards, Media and Commissions

2012 Illinois Arts Council Recipient of Individual Artist Support Initiative grant
2011 Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center Entrance mural for youth center Skokie, IL. 2011 Chicago Reader “It All Started There”, Painting featured on front cover
2011 Chicago Reader, Cover Art
2010 Illinois Arts Council Recipient of Individual Artist Support Initiative grant
2010 City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Recipient of CAAP grant
2010 Trendbeheer “James Jankowiak at De Zwarte Ruyter Gallery” Review by Niels Post, Rotterdam, NL. 2010 Time Out Chicago “James Jankowiak at the Beverly Art Center” Review by Lauren Weinberg
2010 Jettison, Volume 4 “The Metamorphosis” Article by Stan Goluvchik
2009 Chicago Tribune “Chicago Art Galleries, Fall Exhibits for Every Personality” Article by Lauren Viera 2008 New City “Recommended” Review of Chicago Urban Art Society/32nd Urban show by Sara McCool 2007 Time Out Chicago “Beak Preview” Review of Blackbird show by Judith Sutton
2006 City of Chicago Public Arts Transit Program Finalist for 35th Street Red Line station
2004 WBEZ National Public Radio Chicago, “8:48”, Interview by Sylvia Ewing
2001 Chicago Reader Featured artist in “Culture Club” Written by Deanna Isaacs
2000 Chicago White Sox “100th Anniversary Mural” 256’ x 4’ mural celebrating 100 years of baseball