My first residency with CAPE is an after school painting program at George Washington HS on the Eastside of Chicago. Students and community members meet to propose and design a permanent public artwork in the school. After a few weeks of some fundamentals, prep and planning meetings, the priming of our panels was finished today. Our goal is for the work to be completed by mid June.

Untitled (Red, Black and Yellow)  acrylic on wood 12″x12″ 2014

Untitled, silkscreen and spraypaint, 11″x 14″, 2014

Last year I ran a “Family Day” event at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Kids went nuts with colored masking tape for three straight hours. And yes, we had to remove all the tape off the floor and windows afterwards, a detail I didn’t fully process beforehand.

Untitled as of now. Acrylic on canvas mounted on wood, 40″x 40″, 2015.

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